Thursday, June 14, 2012

Washoe House

This is the Washoe House in Petaluma it was built in 1859. I liked the bikes out front they made me think of all the changes that have happened. This building has seen stagecoaches passing and horses tied up out front. Also the bar was probably happy to get electricity when Nikola Tesla electrified the world. This brings up how we remember things our mind does not remember the power lines when we think of a building. In fact I remove power lines for aesthetic reasons in most of my images, because we don't remember them. We just accept them and ignore them. When I took this shot all I saw was  this cool bar! When I went to process this image that was all I saw was the power lines it drove me crazy. The same thing with a photograph all these years we have come to accept the deficiencies of the photographic process. I remember the first time I saw a HDR image I thought how did they do that?  HDR captures the full dynamic of the scene like our eyes.

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