Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Barns of Petaluma

Here are a few of the barns I saw in Petaluma. I am sure you could spend a lot of time there shooting many others. This is just from a couple of days shooting. I just took off and drove around during sunrise and sunset. No plan just luck.

I wish I could of got the shot I saw when I drove up! I almost did't process this shot because the shot I missed. This is a single shot from a RAW file. I did it from a single file because of the movement. Thats why I always shoot RAW when I am doing HDR. You just don't have enough information when you shoot .jpeg files to process a single file.

This is the first barn I saw and could not wait to get a shot of it.

This isn't a barn, but when I passed it I could hear my wife Carol saying I want that house even though I was not in the same car. When we stopped she told me that she wanted the yellow house in the vineyard. I grabbed this shot on the way home. I did not spend enough time on it. I wish I would of moved in closer to the fence and trees and got another shot.

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