Sunday, October 25, 2015

Mossby Bridge

This is the Mossby Bridge built in 1920 it is the oldest bridge in Lane County Oregon and is still in use today.

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Multnomah Falls

This is Multnomah Falls in Oregon just south of the Historic Columbia River Highway in the northern part of Oregon. Even though it was in a drought year the run off is still quite good but, I still want to catch it in a good year. Also this was shot in August. 

I had to process this quite different than I normally process my images due to the high contrast in the shadow and sun. I did not plan the timing I was just on a trip with my family. The best time of the day would be in the morning or evening when the contrast is low. Normally I would crank the contrast up but on this image it was already too high. I was not happy with the detail in the highlights. Luckily I shot in RAW and was able to save a copy of the shortest exposure at a -1 setting and process it plus my normal bracketed series in my HDR software and even then I still lowered the exposure in the HDR software. There are many advantages to shooting in RAW. Like correction for lens distortion and chromatic aberration and many more. I had to break out a few new tricks to save an image that was not shot at the "perfect time". It's nice to find new challenges and not settle for the normal process. When you are not happy with the results process the image again and try something new not every image is the same. The more I shoot the more I find that you can break the rules and shoot any time of day and break other rules as long as you are creative. Enjoy your photography and never stop trying new things.

Monday, October 5, 2015

The General Buster Keaton Cottage Grove

I found this advertisement for the movie The General by Buster Keaton filmed in Cottage Grove Oregon in 1926. In the movie a bridge is sabotaged and collapses and the train was left and became a tourist attraction until it was scrapped for the metal during World War II.

I like the old advertising an the side of buildings and barns. I have a previous post Barns of Petaluma that has an advertisement for Coca Cola on the side of a barn.

I thought about not correcting the perspective but, after processing it both ways I liked the corrected perspective because you can read the words at the top a little better. You could correct the perspective in camera using a Tilt Shift Lens also.

If you are interested in watching The General here is the movie via You Tube.

Saturday, September 5, 2015

A Few Reasons I Love Yosemite

There are not many places as beautiful as Yosemite. Ever time you move one direction or the other everything changes and it is all beautiful. I often joke you could accidentally fire the shutter and come away with a good shot in Yosemite.

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