Friday, December 28, 2012

New Orleans Square Disneyland

New Orleans Square has always been my favorite place in Disneyland. It is where I fell in love with chocolate pecan pie at the Blue Bayou restaurant. I have never been to New Orleans, but I hope to make it some day. I know I would eat lots of food and listen to jazz music. The following images are roughly the same area one taken during the day with a cool tone from the overcast sky and one taken at night with a warm tone due to the tungsten lighting. Both shots were taken shortly after a rainstorm which helps bring out a rich tone on the ground surfaces. The rain also ads a slight reflection adding more color to the scene.

You can almost count on a kid walking by with one of those light up toys that spins to walk by at any time of night in Disneyland. I used the shot with the lighted toy to add color and mystery to the image. Whys is the light there? Who had the toy? What kind of toy? ...............etc.

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