Thursday, December 13, 2012

King Arthur's Carousel (photo merge)

The image below is of King Arthur's Carousel at Disneyland. When I shot it I did not notice I did not get all of the carousel. I was disappointed, but remembered photo merge in Photoshop. I figured I would try to save the image. Before I used photo merge I had to align the image because it was shot off kilter. I then copied the original image and flipped it so I could try to use the left side information to complete the right side of the image as if it were shot for a panoramic image. I could not get the images to align with out checking the geometric distortion correction which is why you see the curve in the bottom of the image. I made a blank layer under the final image and filled it with black. You can not see it on the top because the sky is so dark. After I merged the two images I flipped it again because there were blemishes where Photshop did not blend it well. I then made a mask that was black to remove the whole image and painted white to remove the blemishes and the a little cleanup with the clone stamp tool, healing brush and paint brush in color mode. The resulting image is just below.
This is the original image that was shot. I did not notice that I cut the right side of the carousel off until I tried to process the image. I originally was going to scrap the shot, but then thought of photo merge to try and save it.
I flipped this image after it was aligned in a layer on top of the middle image in this post. You can tell if you look at the top of the right hand side of the image you can see the lights from the top of the carousel.

Other images from Disneyland are at the follwing link The Magic of Walt Disney.

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