Sunday, June 24, 2012

Al, a Binky, a Blankie and Bedtime

My daughter Emily was never attached to anything, but my son Jacob is independent but attached to many things. His alligator Al, a binkie and a blanket. He has slept alone almost from day one. He knows what he likes and that's the way it has to be. Its amazing how different your children can be! This post is about some of Jacobs favorite things.

Carol found a Linus shirt and I couldn't wait to take these photos. You can hardly see it because of his blanket. So much for plans it was hard enough to get the photos I got.................terrible twos...................another difference in my children. Emily was an angel when she was two. I just hope Emily is not saving it up for her teenage years.

Even though Jacob was facing away from the main light I thought this photo was interesting it showed how we had his hair slicked back like Linus. The light is not in the correct place for a profile, But it still looks good and shows how much he cooperated. Man is he already mocking me?

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