Thursday, May 24, 2012

Isleton Main Street

This is Main Street in Isleton California its one block long and has many interesting buildings. The buildings shown here are covered with galvanized roofing material to keep out the water and for its long life because of its ability to resisit rust. Obviously it has been there for a while. The building on the left had a balcony that has fallen off, you can still see the door. Above the door is something written in Chinese. I wish I knew what it says, let me know if you know what it says. Every year Isleton has the Isleton Cajun Festival (June 18-19) on Main St. I talked to a local and he made it sound like Mardi Gras.

When I was in Isleton I could not get Stevie Ray Vaughn's song Tin Pan Alley out of my head. Maybe it is because when he sings "alley is the roughest place I've ever been" in one part is sounds like "isle is the roughest place I've ever been".

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