Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Pacific Coast Dream Machines Automobiles

This is my favorite from the Pacific Coast Dream Machines show in Halfmoon Bay. HDR made the finish of the car take on a really deep shine while showing the metal flake. Make sure you click the thumbnail to take a look at the larger picture, even that does not do it justice a large print shows so much detail.

I love this old truck from another time. A time when you could put the tools on the outside of the toolbox and no one would steal them. I also like the repairs to the fender of the truck, it looks like they bent the fender back to its original shape and welded it back together.

I was not going to process the image below as an HDR until I saw the American and the Rebel flag through the grill. I wish I could see the whole emblem, I can tell it has writing in the lower part of it. I took the photo because I like the AAA emblem on the bumper. I noticed the AAA emblem says Nevada Division, the frame on the license plate says Pomona. I assume California since the license plate is California. The writing on the door says Lisbon Iowa. It makes me wounder where the truck is from and if it is all original?

The cut out flame is very creative in the images below.

There are two other posts from Pacific Coast Dream Machines Show the first post is called Pacific Coast Dream Machines Unimotorcycle Racing it is an interesting look at one wheeled motorcycle racing. The second is Pacific Coast Dream Machines Aircraft.

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