Saturday, May 12, 2012

Pacific Coast Dream Machines Aircraft

I went to the Pacific Coast Dream Machines in Half Moon Bay. The first image is the Super Tug in HDR owned by Bill Newman. I love the dog wearing doggles.

The second image is a plane that was taking people for rides and included a pilot dressed in period clothing, I tried to get his attention so he could be included in the shot. I wish I would have been more patient. I decided to distress the image and make it look like an image that had been around for a while.

The helicopter below was used to retrieve the wreckage from Low Speed Chase a boat that recently crashed into the rocks on the Farallon Islands. The crash killed one, four are missing and presumed dead and three were rescued. For more about the accident go to this link, for more about the salvage check out this link and to see the helicopter in action watch this video.

The image below is a C-47B called Betsy’s Biscuit Bomber in HDR.

The image below is a P-51D Mustang called the Red Dog XII in HDR.

Although I did not get a shot of Eddie Andreini's plane I love his video make sure you check it out! I also have another post from the Pacific Coast Dream Machines Show the post is called Pacific Coast Dream Machines Unimotorcycle Racing it is an interesting look at one wheeled motorcycle racing. There another post called Pacific Coast Dream Machines Automobiles

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