Saturday, November 9, 2013

The New Bay Bridge

I set out to walk the new Bay Bridge after walking a mile and a half CHP turned me around. They close the bridge to pedestrians at 4pm and lock the gates at 5:30pm. If you are on a bike you can ride later just as long as you are off the bridge by 5:30pm. When the walkway is finished it will be open 24hrs. a day, it is estimated to be finished in 2015.  

The traffic on the bridge was heavy and I had planned to blur the traffic like I did in the post Bay Bridge at Night (New and Old). The traffic was just a little faster than stop and go.

The sun had just set to the right of this image and I had a light just over my left shoulder. I am not sure if it was sodium vapor or incandescent. That is what made the lower left hand corner a warmer color. I had the same kind of light over my right shoulder, but I was shooting at an angle. In this shot you can see the first stars starting to come out. I don't know what the bright one is, but I am sure it was not the north star.

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