Sunday, November 17, 2013

Old Barn and Mount St. Helens Revisited (6 months later)

I visited this barn in early February 2013 the image is in the post Old Barn and Mount St. Helens. I am amazed at the amount of decay the has happened in such a short time (6 months). When you compare it to the post Barn in Washington on 97 to Barn in Washington on 97 Winter the time span is almost 7 years and the decay is barley noticeable. What is different the barn taken with Mount St Helens is on a high flat plain compared to a valley in the barn on 97. Was the wind on the flat plain able to knock the whole exterior wall down or did a group of teenagers help that wall fall? The population is greater around and closer to the barn taken with Mount St Helens. Is one barn built better than the other? Is one barn older than the other or was there more snow fall in the area that had greater decay in a shorter time? I like to watch things change over time that's why I find it interesting to revisit places at a different time of year or years later and think about what is different. If I did not take photos I would not notice the subtle or drastic changes. Photography has taught me to slow down take a step back and notice what is around me look at what is different from yesterday. If I travel what's different here than at home and take time to enjoy it. I have enjoyed watching the colors of fall this year, I got and early start when I was in Tahoe and shot the aspens in the post This Old House. It reminds me of the quote "Stop and Smell the Roses" I did research and could not find the author of the quote.

When I saw the clouds surrounding the peak of Mount St. Helens I could not help but think how similar it must have looked to the around the time when it erupted on May 18th 1980. I remember going to my Grandparents orchards a few months later it was amazing to still see the ash on the ground about 3 to 4 hundred miles away.

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