Monday, November 26, 2012

Bay Bridge at Night (New and Old)

I have always been interested in night photography and light trails. I am making a point to keep shooting after the sun goes down and even plan specific trips to take advantage of the "lack of light" after sunset. I have shot star trails in the past but I have not fully delved into night photography. I have always been in awe of great images taken after sunset. I am always looking to expand my horizons. I have studied photography since I was in high school and I have people ask me "how much is there to know about photography?" I always tell them try it some time. With technology changing so fast there is plenty to learn! With the hardware (digital cameras, computers, camera accessories...etc.) and software improvements constantly improving it is hard to keep up. I have always had a hunger for knowledge. Maybe not what I had to learn in school, but a curiosity to learn something new. I think it is what keeps life interesting.

When I first started getting into photography I spent so much time wishing I had this or that piece of equipment. If I had "that" I could take great photographs. When it was knowledge and imagination that were holding me back. Sure you need the basics a camera you can control and understanding how it works. Maybe a few lenses a tripod and the hunger to want to take great images. But in the end it is knowledge and imagination. Sure having nice gear and a lot of it helps, but in the beginning it helps to find out what you can do with what you have and forget about new gear. Then you have the knowledge and know why you want a certain lens or what ever it is you need. It will also save you a lot of money also. I have purchased a lot of "mistakes" in the past. It amazes me what I could have done all these years with what I had. That is one of the things that keeps me going back to some of the same locations. A few other things also make me go back weather, time of year, new ideas, new equipment...etc.

I have always wanted to shoot the western portion of the bay bridge with the city in the background just before Interstate 80 ends. I have seen that shot many times and wanted to make my own version, but I started thinking about the eastern portion and the new bridge when I crossed the bridge and did research when I was on Treasure Island shooting Bliss Dance. I found the right spot and got the eastern portion before I got the western portion. I was only able to get the eastern side because of the light and I had another shot I wanted to get. Keep an eye out for more of Bliss Dance at night I had a chance to shoot her on the same trip. I missed out on another shot due to fog. I will be back another day and another adventure. I can't wait for the new bridge to be finished.

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