Monday, November 26, 2012

Bliss Dance at Night

Bliss Dance must of been a hit at 2010 Burning Man I am so glad the artist returned here to the Bay Area. I made a previous trip shoot her during the day. It was worth the trip to see her at night. I wanted to get farther back and use a longer lens but there was a farmers market going on. I also want to use a longer lens during the day. Looks like another trip in the future. On this trip I also had a chance to shoot the eastern span of the Bay Bridge at night.

I corrected the perspective of this image also notice the plane above and to the right of the lamp post on the left side of the image. I did not correct perspective in the next three images, because I liked the lights. When I composed the images I made sure to cut them out. That just goes to show you only see about 98% of the image through the view finder. I would rather have too much and crop if I choose later.

I did not corrected the perspective of this image and the next two. I like the light rays from the LED array and I think it makes sense to see where the light is coming from. I wanted her to turn blue, but I like the other colors too.

I like the light tail from the plane just in front of her face. The light on the grass in foreground is lit by a pickups headlights. The truck actually drove in front of the camera on another exposure. I was upset when it happened, but I actually like the foreground lit for a different look. If you look behind Bliss Dance you can see another photographer in this and the next image. She was quite popular on this night.

I like how you can see the stars despite all the ambient light and the person that walked in and took a cell phone picture during the exposure on the left.


  1. There is an effort to restore Bliss Dance to learn more follow this link:

  2. Bliss Dance coming down May 18th.


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