Monday, October 5, 2015

The General Buster Keaton Cottage Grove

I found this advertisement for the movie The General by Buster Keaton filmed in Cottage Grove Oregon in 1926. In the movie a bridge is sabotaged and collapses and the train was left and became a tourist attraction until it was scrapped for the metal during World War II.

I like the old advertising an the side of buildings and barns. I have a previous post Barns of Petaluma that has an advertisement for Coca Cola on the side of a barn.

I thought about not correcting the perspective but, after processing it both ways I liked the corrected perspective because you can read the words at the top a little better. You could correct the perspective in camera using a Tilt Shift Lens also.

If you are interested in watching The General here is the movie via You Tube.

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