Friday, September 27, 2013

From The Air

Here are few shots I got from the air on my trip to Oklahoma from Concord California. The first six images are over Utah and the first three are near the Bryce Canyon Airport. I have always wanted to spend more time in Utah, I have made a brief trip through it and want to go back and explore. It was great to see it from the air and get some shots from a different perspective.

It was very interesting  to watch the clouds as we flew through them. A photo does not do it justice. We were in the clouds for an hour or so and I quickly fell a sleep because there was nothing but white to look at. 

Sacramento–San Joaquin River Delta

Antioch Bridge spans San Joaquin River and connects Antioch California with Sacramento County.

Tesoro Golden Eagle Refinery in Martinez California you can see the Benicia–Martinez Bridge and the Carquinez Bridge in the background.

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