Friday, August 30, 2013

Red Barn U.S. Route 395 Oregon

I saw this red barn on U.S. Route 395 south of Burns Oregon, as we drove past this I did not have to say anything to my wife she knew I was stopping. As I tell the story when I see things like this I say I flat spotted the tires (from breaking hard). I made sure to stop safely and found a spot to turn around, but I will admit I was a little exited and jumped an electric fence seen in the bottom image before I realized what it was. I confirmed what it was when I saw the battery sitting on the ground with wires connected to it. It looked like the barn was still in use and I heard loud banging especially while I was inside the electric fence. It was probably a piece of corrugated metal banging around, but you know how your imagination runs away with you in my mind it was a big old bull. Probably the one that made the big hole in the corner of the barn in the bottom image (just kidding) but you know how your mind runs away with you sometimes.

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