Friday, January 25, 2013

Whale Watching

I recently went whale watching in Monterey Bay on the Sea Wolf II. During the trip we saw grey whales and five killer whales finishing off a sea lion for a meal. We saw the grey whales from about a quarter mile a way. The killer whales were a lot more social (killer whales belong to the dolphin family) they were tail slapping, breaching, spyhopping and basically putting on a great show. It was as if the killer whales were celebrating their meal. The tour operators kept us out for an additional hour because they said it was a once in a lifetime show.

The killer whale on the left is breaching and the one on the right is spyhopping.

This is Stumpy a killer whale that was injured and other killer whales took care of. To Learn more follow this link.

A lucky sea lion that gets to live another day because the killer whales just ate.

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