Thursday, January 10, 2013

Prather Hay Ranch 2012

This is Prather Hay Ranch just north of Mount Shasta on Highway 97 by the California Oregon border.  In the first image I emphasized the sprinklers they remind me of my Grandfathers apple orchards except they did not have the wheels. He had to drag them from row to row. When I think of the orchard I can't help but think of when my Grandfather filled the cherry picker with gas and set me loose in the orchard. I was about eight and would eat apples until I puked and then eat more apples. If I got tired of one type of apples I would cruise to another row and start over. My Grandfather said I was better at operating the cherry picker than most of his workers. It was a sad day when my Grandfather pulled out all the trees by hand at the age of 82. They had an article about him and how they were all worried about him. They don't make them like that anymore he will be 97 later this month. I wish my kids could have had made great memories in the orchards like I did. Sometimes it's sad how time changes things. I guess that's why I try to preserve them with photography.

This is the first image I took I wanted to get the hay and the name of the ranch. In the image above I wanted to emphasize the sprinklers, hay on the ground and Mount Shasta.

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