Friday, August 10, 2012

Wenatchee Gas Station Restored

When I first saw this gas station I wished I could get inside the wrought iron fence, I experimented with several angles trying to shoot through the fence. I could of easily gave up, but what I was trying to emphasize was the price so I set my camera to bracket at 2 stop increments took my tripod and hoisted the camera about 4 feet over my head and triggered it with the wireless remote. I shot several at f22 then changed it to f8 for a faster shutter speed. The shot below came from a series of f22, I like the composition. I had no idea what I was shooting because I could not see through the viewfinder.  Although f22 is not the ideal f stop because of the possibility of camera movement it worked out in this case. I will take credit for a happy accident. I spent a little more time in post on this image because of a little camera shake and the software had trouble aligning the images. I think it was worth the final image. Just down the streetis anther one of my posts the Owl Soda Fountain.

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