Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Owl Soda Fountain Wenatchee Washington

This is the Owl Soda Fountain in Wenatchee Washington its a place where you still can get an old fashion old-fashioned ice cream soda, ice cream sunday, milk shake and many other things from the past. It has resisted the change of fast food places like Mc Donalds and many others and stuck with the traditional way things were made. Not the cheaper faster ways of the bussiness world thats what probably what has kept them around for 107 years. Taste and quality still matter! I was told it has the been open since 1921. The Wenatchee World had an article dated 8/1/2012 (a few days after this photo was taken) states it was open 1894 in various locations. The Owl Soda Fountain is located just down the street from my last post Wenatchee Gas Station Restored located at  25 N. Wenatchee Ave.

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