Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving

Just a post to say thanks. Thanks to my wife Carol who puts up with my never ending wants when it comes to photography equipment and the never ending quest for knowledge of photography. She also listens to rants about this and that and I'm pretty sure she could care less, but she still listens to humor me. My daughter Emily who has sat for pictures to test everything from a new lighting technique to new equipment. She also has went on many photography adventures as well as helping get equipment to where it needs to be. Also my son Jacob who is a kick in the pants, he is only 19 months and already has an incredible sense of humor. He also is so cute its hard to take a bad photo of him.

I would also like to thank Joe McNally and David Hobby. Since there seminar I have a new confidence. That has me saying "Light I put that $#!+ on everything"! A little parody of Franks Red Hot Sauce. The biggest thing that helped was watching Joe McNally work with his Nikon Speedlights. I had to interpret it to Canon Speedlight technology, since I am a Canon shooter. David Zisers Seminar and Blog have helped also. Others who have helped are Monte Zucker (RIP), Clay Blackmore (Monte Zuckers assistant). Galen Rowell (RIP) who originally got me into landscape photography with his rich saturated colors. When it comes to HDR photography I would like to thank Trey Ratcliff and R C Concepcion for teaching and giving me new inspiration for photography. Because of them I am quickly becoming addicted to HDR photography. When It comes to post I would like to thank The Photoshop Guys Scott Kelby, Matt Kloskowski, Dave Cross, Corey Barker, R C Concepcion  again and Pete Collins.

Happy Thanksgiving have a great day.

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