Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Down But Not Forgotten

This shot is part of an idea I had when I saw this gorge full of discarded cars and trash. I went on a hike with my daughter and saw this gorge but did not have my camera with me. The next year we returned with plans of crossing the river but the run off from Lake Chelan was quite intense compared to the same time the year before. The year before we could have walked across the river to get to the gorge. The images below show what we were up against, I had to come up with another idea if I wanted to get there. So as I left with an unsuccessful attempt to get to the gorge I kept my eyes open and noticed a piece of property on the other side of the river with a dirt road leading to it. So the next day we searched for the road and hiked down the river bank on large boulders not sure if we could even get there. As I hiked I kept in mind our safety and hoped we could hike without causing an avalanche. When we got there and I was shooting my leg sunk into the rocks causing my foot to get buried and scraped the side of my ankle. I had an idea of shooting up the gorge and making the cars look like a modern art sculpture but that idea did not work. I have a few more shots I am working on from this shoot.

This is a shot from the hike on the first day. The year before we could have walked across the river.

Everything including the kitchen sink. I can not imagine seeing this view and thinking this would be a great place to dump my trash. 

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