Thursday, May 1, 2014

Concord High Carnival

A few weeks back a Concord High School had a carnival. I went with my son and wife with the intention of doing some photography, but my camera was on strike because I had ignored it for so long (both batteries were dead). So I went the next night which was the last night in the third image you can see a ladder being used to take down the lighted sign that says Rising Waters. In fact while I shot the series for the HDR image they had taken the sign almost all the way down. I was lucky to have most of the images shot by that time. On the booth that the fourth image is of (Fun and Games) there was a sign on top that I had intended to shoot but it was already down when I arrived so I changed my plan and shot the counter with the games going on. I arrived late with the intention of playing low light and light trails. The last two images are from the same series of shots with a different ghost image chosen. This is the first post I have used Photomatix I have been experimenting with it for quite some time and finally purchased the program. You can use it for free, but it water marks the images until you buy the program. I have been unhappy HDR Efex Pro  I explain the problem in post 37 Nash LaFayette. So far I have been happy with Photomatix I do not think I will completely quit using HDR Efex Pro but will choose depending on the image I am processing. What I like about Photomatix is that it allows you to circle parts of the image and use different images for the ghost image. For example lets say I was shooting a series of images like in this post and there were two rides and I wanted them both to be moving like the last three images in this post and the rides never were running at the same time I have control over that in Photomatix. In HDR Efex Pro I have to settle for one image or process the image twice and use layers and layer masks in Photoshop to achieve the same result.

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