Sunday, December 15, 2013

Mad T Party California Adventure

This is the Mad T Party at California Adventure, it is like a outdoor nightclub for both kids and adults. Although it is not my type of thing I knew it would some great images. I had to help the software with the use of layer masks and adding images on top and painting in portions of the image. The movement of the people created semi transparent people along with the changing images on the huge monitors displaying the constantly changing graphics confused the software. 

I had shot about 60 shots trying to get different lighting effects, when The man, woman and their daughter walked up and looked at my camera on a tripod and decided to stand directly in front of it. It irritated me at the time but, at least I had plenty of shots. I liked the black and yellow checker board that are spinning into a vortex and how the red seems to be shining on the left side making it look three dimensional. I decided to leave the family in the shot the girl actually appears twice in the image once with dad front center and once with mom on the right.

This is the main stage and a DJ with rabbit ears was scratching records when I was photographing the Mad T Party. I could not get a shot of the main stage because there were too many people and my tripod would have created a trip hazzard. I'm sure there was a way but it had been a long day.

This is the stage located under the arch in the House of Cards.

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