Saturday, July 13, 2013

Mack, International, Ford, Moreland, Transport and a few unidentified trucks

Here a few more shots from the salvage yard in Toppenish, Washington. I found old makes that still exist to day like Mack, International, Ford and a couple I did not know like Moreland and Transport. If anyone knows the makes of the other trucks would you please let me know Thanks.

On the left is Mack Bulldog and on the right is an International.

There is a Ford on the left and Mack Bulldog in the center and an International on the right.
This is a Moreland the company was started by Watt L. Moreland in 1917 an lasted until 1940. The company was located in Burbank, California.

I do not know the make of this truck, but just above the windshield is the word "union".

The goats in the background came out of the brush on my first visit and scared me.

On the door it says "S-H Garage PHW 3348 7321 E. Sprague Spokane" I looked up the address which is about 215 miles away. I assume the PHW 3348 was the phone number and I could not locate the exact address. I thought it would be interesting to find out what was there now.
The truck on the right is a Transport, I could not find any information on the company.

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