Thursday, June 13, 2013

Toppenish Salvage Yard

I was recently was in a Google + hangout with Keith Cuddeback and Georges Pauly. We talked about how we processed our HDR images and shared our work. We all had a different workflow and used different software. Seeing how others work gave me new ideas and it was great to get some feedback on what other people think good and bad. It caused me to think about how I process my images. Actually it caused me to download Adobe Lightroom and do some research on it so I could work on my HDR images that I create in HDR Efex Pro 2 in 32 bit file format. I have been using Adobe Photoshop CS6 Extended and I have to convert the files to 8 bit file format (loosing valuable data) so all the tools will work in Photoshop. I actually did not process any images for a while after I downloaded Lightroom I played with it. I have some research to do before I will feel completely comfortable with it. I remember the first time opened Photoshop 4 I could not get it to do anything not even make a mark and it involved a lot of reading and playing around before I felt comfortable altering images. There are people that make images from scratch with Photoshop like Bert Monroy, one of his most impressive works of art is Times Square. He always says it's not work it is play which is true if you enjoy the process. He approaches Photoshop from a totally different direction than I do. To see a short video of him at play click this link. I had the privilege to meet him, take a course for free and get my books signed. It was odd to see him walking down the street as I was arriving to take the course we met at a street corner and talked as we arrived at Keeble and Shuchat in Palo Alto. When the night ended we were still talking and they had to kick us out of the building. He is a really nice guy and loves to teach. I do not use Photoshop the same way as Bert Monroy but seeing how he uses it helps me get around problems when I am processing images. Getting back to the hangout I thought about what we had talked about and went back and reprocessed some images I had wrote off. Part of it was at the time I processed them I was new to HDR and treated all images the same and part of it was the advances in the software. Below are some of the images I reworked.


The second car in is a Dodge. I like the hand crank on the corrugated roofing material
where the hood should be on the first car.

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