Saturday, May 25, 2013

Diamond T Truck

This is a Diamond T Truck manufactured by Diamond T Motor Car Company that operated out of Chicago Illinois from 1905-1911. Diamond T was acquired by the White Motor Company in 1958. In 1967 Diamond T merged with Reo, another White acquisition forming Diamond Reo. This Diamond T was at a auto salvage yard just outside Toppenish Washington that I have visited several times. It seems like it is stuck in time a time warp, but I had been there in late 2012 and visited again in early 2013 and things had changed quite a bit. I see many makes of automobile's I have never heard of like the Day Elder Truck, CT Electric 5-ton Model F-5 Flatbed TruckOakland AutomobileFageol (out of Oakland California) and the Reo (that the band Reo Speed Wagon got their name from). It is very interesting to be able to step back in time. I also have a post of a few Garages at the salvage yard. 

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