Monday, February 4, 2013

Lake Chelan at Night (Winter)

I have been going to Lake Chelan in Washington for almost all of my life. I decided to take a shot of it at night. The first attempt was overcast and I had to wait until the next night. The moon was three quarters (full moon would be the best) so it could light the landscape. I took it from the south side of the lake (hoping to get the north star in the shot) where the legend of the lake turnout is. I wanted to shoot north and make circular star trails. The lake is about a mile wide at this point. So it was hard to make the hills on the other side of the lake big enough in the composition and still get the north star in the shot. The shot is made up of 14 four minute exposures. I had taken 31 but the lens fogged it was 22 degrees outside. It is hard to tell when the lens fogs on from the LCD screen on the back of the camera and you don't want to interupt the sequence. On warmer nights fogging will not be a problem. I was able to sit comfortably and take a nap in my truck right next to the camera.

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