Thursday, October 18, 2012

Fleet Week 2012

I watched the airshow from Treasure Island because of the traffic and so many things going on in the city. It was not the greatest place to be but the Blue Angels put on a great show for all locations including Treasure Island. I try a different location every time I go. I have been on the Golden Gate Bridge, Pier 39, Angel Island and Crissy Field. When I went to Angel Island I was lucky enough to be on the ferry when four of the Blue Angels buzzed us two were inverted.
One of the Blue Angels flew straight up and stalled and when he came out of the smoke it looked like he was coming right into the lens of the camera and then pulled out of it and flew right over me shown in the next two photos.
Geico had a sky righter right different messages in the sky. It looked like 5 remote control planes flying very close to each other.
Here is a link to my Fleet Week 2011

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