Sunday, September 23, 2012

Sights From Berkeley Tuolumne Camp 2012

The beach with some tasty baby back ribs cooking in the background. This is the veiw from our cabin.
Our cabin is the one on the left our colorful neighbours are Von and Michael Jon Sanborn.
I had a wide angle lens on and I don't think the fisherman had any idea he was in the shot. I did not tell him to stand still, he just kept doing his thing as I fired away. This is a bracketed HDR shot as opposed to a single tone mapped image. The ghost reduction on HDR Efex Pro 2 has been improved tremendously. I did not paint him in this is straight from the HDR software with a little work done in Photoshop.
This is also straight from the HDR software, I could of painted in a single image of the book Von is holding, but I like the movement that show the passage of time spent relaxing at Berkeley Tuolumne Camp.
The carts for hauling your luggage to your tent cabins.
I have been going to Berkeley Tuolumne Camp for ten years and just noticed that this combo fire hydrant drinking fountain was made in Berkeley. I hope we will see things manufactured right here in the USA in future that are made with pride!!!
I also walked by this for several days before I noticed it. It was right next to our cabin kind of tucked away behind the trees.
If you feel the need to visit Berkeley Tuolumne Camp before next year feel to visit this post.

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