Wednesday, February 8, 2012

San Francisco

I had two security gaurds and one cop meet me to tell me that I could not take photos. If someone was breaking into my car I would have to wait 40 minutes to get one cop to take a report. They said I needed a permit to take a photo. This is the one I got before they made me move on.

Update here is a video of Carlos Miller Arrested at Occupy Miami Eviction for photography.

I have been past the Transamerica Building many times but I have never noticed the base of it. What a difference it makes to walk instead of driving.


  1. Both amazing shots, Rick . . . I love the point of view on both of them . . . by the way where is the 1st one shot?, the one where the law was protecting innocent citizens from the horror of knowing you took a picture like that!#*@^#!!!!

  2. It's in the Embarcadero Center. More information at


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